Trout Collector Larva Assortments

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Our ultimate summer bait. If the trout are in the upper layers of water in summer and taking only small baits, this one comes out of the tackle box.

The larva is a floater and very soft. It is reeled out with our smallest tungsten head or even without a head, just on a hook.

The softbait can be mounted straight or in the shape of an L. When mounted straight, it vibrates only when reeled in; if in the L-shape, it swings about on being reeled in. The plump larva is also excellent for fishing at depth weighted with a heavier tungsten bead, and imitates an ascending insect.

Available in 3cm or 5cm and in the following variants:

  • Sunny Sky & Clear Water
  • Sunny Sky & Murky Water
  • Cloudy Sky & Clear Water
  • Cloudy Sky & Murky Water

Each can contains 10 maggots, 5 colours, with 2 maggots in each colour.