Trout Attack Lures Assortment

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Our proven trout lures assorted in a practical tackle box with hanger. There are four distinctive mixes for different weather and water conditions, to ensure the angler has the most effective colours at hand for every situation on the water.

  • Sunny Sky & Clear Water
  • Sunny Sky & Murky Water
  • Cloudy Sky & Clear Water
  • Cloudy Sky & Murky Water

Each box contains:

  • 1 Catcher Spoon 2g
  • 1 Trout Crank hardbait 3cm/2g
  • 1 Colonel Spinner with single hook, 3g
  • 1 Trout Collector 5cm with garlic flavour, ready mounted on hook (size 8) with 0.45g tungsten head
  • 1 Trout Collector Pinball 5cm with garlic flavour, ready mounted on hook (size 8) with 0.73g tungsten head