Tactics North 4000 Left-hand Overhead Reel

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  • 3 high-grade steel ball bearings plus 1 needle bearing
  • Quick-Stop-System (Q.S.S.) for stopping rotor instantaneously
  • Star brake with 6kg (4100 LH) or 9kg (4200 LH) brake strength
  • Line guide system
  • Left-hand overhead
  • Aluminium spool
  • Ratchet function
  • Gear Ratio 5.2 : 1

Tactics North 4000 LH - Developed for the demanding use in the North Atlantic and now available for the New Zealand market.

Anybody looking for a reliable left-hand overhead with performance to value ratio is in the right place. The star brake with 6kg (4100 LH) and 9kg (4200 LH) brake force can also bring large fish to their knees. The line guide system provides for an even line lay with 4 bearings, aluminium spool as well as a low-friction free-wheel round off these top reels.