Platinum Royal Trout Line 150m

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Choosing a line for trout fishing opinions differ as to whether a braided or mono- filament line is the better choice. Our Platinum Royal Trout is our monofilament high-performance line specially suited for fishing with spoons and other trout lures.

In winter when the temperature drops below zero, it is next to impossible to fish with braided lines, because they soak up water and freeze. State-of-the-art polymer technology used in our monofilament lines, offers both excellent suppleness and high abrasion resistance. For a monofilament, our Platinum Royal Trout has surprisingly little stretch and features our anti-twisting system.

If you prefer a monofilament line for trout fishing, this is one of the best mono trout lines on the market. You can choose between pink, blue and chartreuse.

Length: 150m