MK X1 Micro Bite Indicator

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This top-equipped micro bite indicator impresses with its screw-in snag-bars, night light function, six sensitivity levels, six pitches and six volume levels. A special feature is the second pitch, with which you can immediately recognise acoustically a drop bite and the experienced angler knows immediately that he has to control the swinger.

Note: A low battery warning tone will sound when the battery power is getting low.

Requires a rod holder with standard English thread BSF 3/8″.

  • Snag Bars made of aluminium
  • 6 sensitivity functions
  • 6 separate volume settings
  • 6 separate sound levels
  • Strike and Run function
  • Switchable night light
  • Drop-bite indication
  • Blue LED
  • Sounder box and swinger plug
  • English thread BSF 3/8″
  • Operation with a V23GA battery (included)