Iron Line 8 Green 150m

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  • Length 150m
  • 8-fold braiding
  • Round braiding
  • 100% PE fibre
  • High load-bearing capacities
  • Very soft surface
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Minimal line stretch
  • UV protected

Ironline® 8 is our high performance line with 8-fold braiding and a fantastic price to performance ratio!

Thanks to the dark-green colouring the cord is ideal wherever inconspicuous colours are needed to avoid a shooing effect. The new Ironline has been developed in conjunction with our Shirasu Pro Staff Team. 

Balzer’s Ironline 8 boasts an eightfold braided high-performance line with an excellent load-bearing capacity. The line is remarkable thanks to a soft, yet abrasion-resistant surface which enables the line to slide silently through the guides and facilitating enormous casting distances.

Thanks to the face that is hardly stretches at all, you have direct contact to both bait and fish. In the Ironline 8 series you can find the right line for all types of fishing.