Colonel Classic Trout Spinner Single Hook

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Try our catchy Original Colonel Classic Spinner Trout Lures with single hook and hook changing system. These single hooks are more animal friendly and help limit the impact on the fish when being hooked and are irresistible for trout.

For decades, the Colonel has been the epitome of high class spinners that have outwitted countless predator fish worldwide. The Colonel Classic Spinners combine the shapes that have proven their worth a thousand times over and we’re excited to bring this to New Zealand waters. We have developed a completely new rotating bail that makes the spinner rotate at the lightest tug, snagging those New Zealand fish.

All spinners are equipped with our needle-sharp, stainless tiger steel carbon hooks that have proven themselves time and time again. The body and rotors are made of top grade brass: no rusting, no bending. Trust decades of experience across the globe.