71° North Surf Rod & Reel Combo - 4.20m (13.78ft)

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71° North Surf Rod

  • Length: 4.20m (13.78ft)
  • Sections: 3
  • Weight: 580g
  • Casting Weight: 100-200g
  • Handle: Shrink Rubber
  • Blank: 40Ton carbon fibre (IM-12)
  • Guide Type: Vector Angle Guides
  • Designed for use with: spin reels

Our 71° North features vector angular guides, which are ideal for braided lines and the ergonomic, high-quality shrink-rubber handles guarantee maximum grip. The built-in joints are rough to allow easy separation of the sections in both wet and dry conditions. The rod comes with a matching sleeve for protection for travel and when stored.

MasterPiece Surf Reel

  • Line Capacity: 300m ⌀ 0.25mm
  • 7 precision stainless steel ball bearings plus 1 needle bearing (extra large)
  • Chrome-plated brass worm shaft gear for a super long strike and crosswise line lay: ideal for braided line
  • Release clip, especially rubber buffered - protected by utility patent
  • 10 additional Release Clips included (5 x soft, 5 x hard)
  • Lazy Rotor System: fixes the rotor when the bail folds
  • Rubber-buffered and spring-loaded Safety Line Clip
  • Total-Tolerance Control System (T.T.C.): all tolerances in the crank, gear and drag are reduced to a minimum
  • Quick-Stop-System (Q.S.S.) for stopping rotor instantaneously
  • Strong-Bail-Concept, bail made of strong, lightweight aluminium
  • Bail-Fix-System, no unwanted bail backlash during casting
  • Extra strong stainless steel main axle
  • Anti-Swing System (A.S.S.), prevents inadvertent vibrations
  • Finely adjustable front drag (S.D.S) with extra large brake discs
  • CNC mill-cut aluminium power crank
  • Anti-twist line roller
  • Gear Ratio 4.8 : 1

One of our flagship reels, equipped with our revolutionary Release Clip. This line clip releases the line when stronger fish bite so that the drag is released immediately after the bite.

The slow oscillation worm-shaft gear with a delayed stroke ensures excellent crosswise line lay even with the thinnest braided lines.

The CNC, mill-cut aluminium crank can be screwed firmly into the corpus and thus has no backlash.

The Lazy rotor system automatically fixes the rotor in place as soon as the bail folds down, so that it does not inadvertently turn during the cast. However it is not completely blocked, so that fine adjustments are still possible before the cast.

The bail Fix System enables the bail to click in when it is turning over, thus preventing it from inadvertently folding down during the cast. Still equipped with the rubber-buffered and spring-loaded Safety Line clip.